COMP files opposition against gLo at the Commission on Appointments
February 14, 2017

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines has come to the conclusion that it will not ever come to a productive and rational dialogue with Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) secretary-designate Regina Paz Lopez.

In the 42 years of the Chamber of Mines, it has always committed to maintaining an active working relationship with government. We have always worked with the DENR secretary appointed by every President even as we had issues and disagreements. We always threshed them out with the Secretary in a cordial, professional and fair manner and based on the rule of law.

We respected the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte and did not voice any opposition to her appointment. We expected that she would heed the directives of the President to be fair and to follow the rule of law.


Chamber of Mines assures President of RESPONSIBLE MINING: We will fully rehabilitate mined out areas
February 13, 2017

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines agrees with President Rodrigo Duterte that responsible mining is vital to national development and the Duterte 10 Point Socio-economic agenda.

COMP members are ISO 14001 certified, a seal of excellence in environmental management, and upheld nationwide. We assure the President that COMP members in CARAGA and nationwide are committed to rehabilitate mined out areas to comply with existing mining laws.

“Areas being cited by Gina Lopez are active mining areas. These already have comprehensive mine rehabilitation programs, including mechanisms for funding. We assure that after utilizing the minerals, these areas will be converted into lands productive for the communities even long after the mines are gone,” said COMP chairman Art Disini.


Statement from the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines
February 7, 2017

To the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, we respectfully submit that the acts of the DENR Secretary-designate last February 2 announcing the suspension or closure of certain mining operations under the guise of “healing the hurt” were irresponsible, unfair and illegal.

Her actions have finally revealed her true bias: to stop all mining in the Philippines.

What is ironic is the Secretary-designate has trained her guns on the legitimate operations, while turning a blind eye to unpermitted, undocumented, non-taxpaying and non-compliant mining operations who are the real violators of environment.


COMP stands by responsible miners, challenges impartiality of audit
February 2, 2017

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines decried the announcement made by the DENR Secretary that she wants to close 21 mines and suspend an additional 5 operations.

“Mining companies were invited by government to invest in the Philippines and signed contracts with them as partners in mineral resource development. By entering into these contracts, government is bound to observe due process. Sec. Lopez cannot just shut down mines without due process,” Artemio Disini, chairman of the Chamber of Mines, said.

The Chamber stands by its members in the face of the pronouncement of DENR Secretary Gina Lopez suspending the operations of 5 mines and the closure of 21 mining projects. The Chamber also questioned the way by which the DENR mine audit was conducted, highlighting the inclusion of anti-mining activists that tainted the process.



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