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100 Women and Minerals Development Special Stories



The Search for 100 Women and Minerals Development | 100 Special Stories is spearheaded by Sagittaruis Mines Inc. (SMI) in partnership with the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines (COMP) and the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA). The project is in line with the Centenial Celebration of International Women's month that marks 100 years of celebrating the economic, social, cultural and political achievements of women.

The project proponents subscribe to the principle that the government and private sector shall pursue gender equality in all aspects of the development process to achieve the vision of a gender-responsive society where women and men equally contribute to and benefit from development.

This project aims to recognize Filipino women who have made significant contributions to the minerals development industry at the local and national levels. The Search was conceptualized in order to give recognition to women who have shown excellence in their fields of endeavor and who have contributed outstanding accomplishments in developing the mining sector, and made significant impacts in the lives of people living in the host and neighboring communities of mining projects; and to document the success stories of the honorees and their role as catalysts in community and national development.


1. All nominations must first be made online by logging on to the Chamber of Mines website , and
    clicking the 100 Women and Minerals Development logo.
2. Nominator must fill out the online Nomination Form and Executive Summary.
3. Nominator shall download the “Nominee’s Certificate”. A signed Nominee’s Certificate constitutes the nominee’s acceptance of
    the terms and conditions of the Search for 100 Women and Minerals Development | 100 Special Stories
4. Supporting documents such as the “Nominee’s Certificate”, curriculum vitae, photo, endorsement letter from nominating
    organization/s and other supporting documents (news clippings, feature stories, etc) of the nominee should be sent via email
5. The endorsement letter/s shall vouch for the nominee’s accomplishments and sterling ethical record.
6. A nominee may be nominated in several categories.
7. A board of Jurors will be convened to evaluate the nominations.
8. Nominations will open on 1 August 2011 and will end midnight of 30 September 2011.

The 100 Women in Minerals Development shall be chosen based on their achievements on their field of work, promoting public welfare and contributing in national development through, with and/ or for the Philippine minerals industry. Integrity and ethical behavior are paramount.

Specific criteria are as follows:

Leadership and Pioneering Spirit (20%)

Outstanding ability to influence people, execute programs and mobilize resources

Recognition of excellence/ previous awards/ citations

Creative Solutions and Approaches (20%)

Applying innovative solutions and maverick approaches to problems and challenges

Ability to see and transform obstacles into opportunities

Impact to the community/ company/ industry and country (30%)

Contribution to the advancement of the host and neighboring communities

Contribution to local economy

Contribution to women’s empowerment and gender equality

Positive contribution in the image of the minerals development industry

Contribution to national development

Ethical Leadership (30%)

The nominee must exhibit unquestionable integrity and uprightness of character

Has not been convicted of any crime

Has no pending case before any trial court during the time of nomination


Queries and concerns about the Search for 100 Women and Minerals Development | 100 Special Stories may be sent to the Search Secretariat through this email address

The Search for 100 Women and Minerals Development| 100 Special Stories will cover 11 major categories, representing various sectors of society.

1. Community Leaders - Women who have successfully implemented development programs in the host and neighboring mining communities that led to improvements in the socio-economic conditions of their family and community.

2. Women Entrepreneurs - Owners of small, medium or large enterprises that have become successful under the leadership of women entrepreneurs in the mining communities.

3. Environment Stewards - Officials and employees from mining companies, government and mining communities who are passionate in advocacies for the environment.

4. Government Leaders - Government officials from national, regional and local governments who supported the growth of the mining industry by providing clear and stable policy environment and advocating for responsible minerals development at the national and local levels.

5. Safety and Health Practitioners - Safety and health workers including nurses, midwives and other health care practitioners from the host mining communities who have made significant contributions in promoting health and safety of workers and community members.

6. Information, Advocacy and Media Practitioners - Information Officers and Community Relations Officers of mining companies and concerned government agencies who have conceived and implemented maverick strategies in promoting public understanding and social acceptance of the minerals industry. May also include members of the mainstream and independent media who have demonstrated fair, accurate and balanced coverage on mining in the Philippines.

7. Educators - Members of the academe who have dedicated their lives in mining education through instruction and research and for the development of the mining industry in the Philippines.

8. Young Leaders - Young women ages 15-24 who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in mining communities and/or mining companies resulting to higher degree of social acceptance of mining operations in the host communities.


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