About our Association

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THE CHAMBER OF MINES OF THE PHILIPPINES is an association advancing the interest of mining, quarrying and mineral processing companies for the efficient exploration, development and utilization of minerals in consonance with sound economic, environmental and social policies.

The association consists of members coming from exploration, mining, mineral processing and services industries including professional associations. The members are united by a shared commitment to the principles of economic growth, sustainable development and as government’s partners in development.



To be the leading advocate on issues connected with responsible mining anchored on the principle of sustainable development.

To participate in policy development in order to create an investment environment that will allow the mining industry to effectively contribute to national, local and community development.

To demonstrate progress in environmental and mineral resource managemment and to share best practices among members and other stakeholders.

To advocate the importance of the mining industry to national development and to anticipate future changes leading to its economic sustainability.

To implement CSR standards by which compliance and progress can be gauged and monitored.

To contribute through international and national networks to a sustainable future for the mining industry.

The benefits of being a member:


We are the main lobby Group advocating for responsible mining. We lobby on the industry’s behalf in the areas of:

– Effective framework and progress in the grant of tenements, ECCs and other government requirements
– Financial and taxation matters
– Indigenous people concerns and NCIP process
– Mining land rights and security of tenure
– Mining regulations
– IPO listing and securities concerns
– Research and developement
– Value adding
– CSR and Environmental concenrs
– Media, NGO and government relations

Information and Education

– We disseminate information and updates to the members thru our website/email/fax.
– We attend to various meetings relevant to the industry


The Chamber President is a member of the Minerals Development Council – Office of the President and Chairman, Investment Promotions Group.

– We network with ASEAN and Asia Pacific Countries thru the ASEAN Federation of Mining Associations (AFMA)
– We provide networking thru our yearly events, roundtable discussions lecture series and other gatherings
– We have close association with foreign embassies and are members of several organizations like PCCI, ECOP, PhilExport, PBSP, etc.
– We network with CREBA and the Contruction and Electrical Engineering Associations
– We also Network with the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University and CBCP

Reseach and other programs

– Establishment of EMS in Small and Medium-scale mining/quarrying industries thru PEARL2 (CIDA Project)
– Manpower Survey
– Profiling of the Mining Industry’s Salaries and Benefits or Compensation package
– CSR Guidebook for the Philippine Mining Industry
– CSR Institute