Cagdiano Mining Corp. is one of the four lateritic mines of Nickel Asia Corp., which is located in the southern half of the Philippines. The southern Philippines is located in the tropical zone between 4 40′ and 2110′ latitude. The climate is characterized by high rainfall during a rainy season that generally runs from October to April in the South Eastern Philippines, where the Cagdianao mine is located. The project area covers approximately 697.0481 hectares of land in Brgy. Valencia, Municipality of Cagdianao, Dinagat Island Province. It is within the Surigao Mineral Reservation by virtue of proclamation no. 391, Series of 1939.

CMC entered into an opening agreement with EAST COAST MINERAL RESOURCES COMPANY, INC. under MPSA No. 078-97XIII (SMR) and started the operation in 1999 using shallow open-pit methods or bench mining techniques, which results to low cost production. This method only requires the use of excavators, tractors and dump trucks and does not require specialized equipment, explosives, chemicals or complex waste handling. In addition, the mines are located near tidewater loading areas, enabling easy hauling to barges. Further, since the mine pits are shallow, rehabilitation of our mined-out areas is a simple and straightforward process.