Mining makes modern life possible. So before we condemn mining as a destructive industry, consider the many conveniences and technological advances you now enjoy—all of which were made possible by metals and minerals that can only be produced through mining:

  • Your cellphone, which entertains and connects you almost every minute of your day, is made entirely of mined metals;
  • the car, bus, or tricycle you rode to get to work;
  • the laptop computer you are reading this from;
  • the house you live in, and all its appliances/conveniences, etc.

We need to strike a balance between human advancement/development and the protection of the environment. Not all mineral deposits should be touched. But in those areas where mineral deposits can be extracted responsibly, and where the area can be protected and rehabilitated, mining should be allowed, and even promoted.

#OurFutureNeedsMining, so let’s work together to make it happen.